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At the end of the 19th century the area of Fuenti was a green promontory, where lemons, oranges, mandarins, olives and grapes were cultivated. A striking glimpse of the Amalfi Coast, between Vietri sul Mare and Cetara, where wine was produced and animals were bred, a place already praised by the great English writers in Grand Tour. In the first decade of the 1900s this area became a stone quarry, used for the construction of the harbour of Salerno. The headland was compromised and altered, with a deep wound due to use of the quarry.

When the construction of the hotel complex “Amalfitana Hotel” started in the seventies, the area was landslid and abandoned. To build the hotel, a single building that followed the course of the mountain, important works of consolidation and reclamation of the promontory were necessary. Complex containment works were carried out, with the function of reclaiming the hydrogeological instability caused by the presence of the quarry, to give the site stability and prevent the state road from collapsing in the sea. Over the years, the Hotel has become a landmark for the entire coast of Campania, equipped with elevators inside one of the walls to reach the underlying private beach, underground parking by the road, a staircase leading to the sea and a swimming pool.

After a long judicial history, International Tourism committed itself to restoring the state of the mountain and designed an innovative structure and in full and total sustainability with the surrounding environment.

Today, in its place, the Third Generation Group has created Giardini del Fuenti, a beautiful garden that develops on terraces typical of the landscape of the Amalfi coast, designed by the Architect Maria Teresa Mazzitelli. The terraces slope towards the sea, opening a view that embraces the entire Gulf of Salerno.
That hollow in the heart of the mountain has been restored to its natural appearance, arranged and dressed with its second skin, the large terraces of Giardini del Fuenti. On the top of this new face of the Fuenti quarry, with its gaze pointed towards the blue horizon, the visitors can access Giardini del Fuenti directly from the road by the coast.

At the head of Giardini de Fuenti there is the Third Generation Group, a company specialized in the management and organization of tourist accommodation. A young company that aims to reshape the Italian hospitality sector by redefining the service offered and willing to offer the highest quality standards in this branch.

Giardini del Fuenti is the first step of a large expansion project in the tourism sector based on environmental sustainability. Through this project, the Third Generation Group intends to pursue three fundamental objectives: the environmental restoration of the Fuenti area, the recovery of the historical roots and the identity of the site and the economic recovery with the consequent creation of job opportunities for the entire area.

In Giardini del Fuenti, guests can enter into unforgettable experiences of fine gastronomy, exclusive entertainment, wellness and relaxation.

Giardini del Fuenti are a space in which the territory expresses itself, in which culture, folklore, tourism, promotion of typical local resources interact in a tourist facility for a selected and exclusive clientele. What Giardini  del Fuenti guarantee is a multi-sensory experience, immersed in one of the most evocative places in the world. The customer addressed to the rediscovery of the “true” will be satisfied throughout his stay.

Alessandra De Flammineis

Managing Partner

Graduated in Building Engineering-Architecture at Politecnico di Milano, in 2014 she specializes in Five Stars Hotel Management at the Luiss Business School and in a short time she is already at the head of the Hotel Bernina 1865, Samedan in Switzerland as Managing Director. A member of the Third Generation Group, she works for the global management of Giardini del Fuenti.