Where land meets sea

A strip of marine nature lapped by coastal waters, ready to receive its guests for a sun and sea bath. Accessible directly through the stairs and the elevators from the central part of Giardini del Fuenti, Riva del Fuenti is also a safe dock for who comes from the sea thanks to its equipped pier and to the offered support services.

Here, the unique experience offered by Giardini del Fuenti is complete, on the shore of the private beach, where the clients from the land and the sea find a gourmet restaurant and a dedicated hospitality with on board food services, boat excursions and many other nautical activities.

The access to the beach of Riva del Fuenti includes

  • 1 beach umbrella
  • 2 sunbeds
  • Changing cabin
  • One beach towel per person
  • Welcome flavored water with fruits in season
  • Shower
  • Parking lot


  • Free for children up to 5 years
  • Children from 5 to 12 years old pay only the access to the beach
  • Children over 13 years pay the access to the beach and a reduced price for the sunbed
  • Per sun umbrella are allowed maximum 3 adults

The beach is open to the public, as a rule, from 07.30 am to 05.30 pm.

The presence on the beach is allowed until 06.30 pm after which users will be invited to leave in order to allow the service staff to perform the cleaning and maintenance of the structure.

From 01.00 pm to 03.00 pm it is forbidden to keep on any music device under the sun umbrellas, and the quiet must be strictly respected.

It is forbidden to conduct or to allow any animal inside the beach even if it has a muzzle or is on a leash; guide dogs for the blind and rescue dogs are excluded from the ban.

It is forbidden to use soap or shampoo in the shower area.

Visits to the guests must be authorized by the Management of the beach area. Guests of the beach area are required to inform their visitors about the rules of the beach and to enforce them.

The children must be accompanied to the toilets, to the games and to the beach by an adult person, the adults are responsible for the behavior of the children entrusted to them.

The management reserves the right to dismiss those who cause disturbance or damage within beach.

In all the beaches, behind the directives of the harbor captains, it is forbidden, except allowed exceptions, to play ball, rackets or other games that can clearly disturb the bathers, in particular on the shoreline.

It is absolutely forbidden to stop on the beach with towels and others. Due to the private ownership regime, only the Company’s beds are allowed. Any abuse is subject to criminal prosecution.

Departure and arrival of boats, punts, robin catamarans and canoes is allowed only in the dedicated area (at the height of the row of the sun umbrellas number 189). It is absolutely forbidden to  windsurf and kitesurf in the body of water overlooking the beach in a distance less than 400 meters from the shoreline. The departure and the arrival of windsurf should be done in the corridor. It is absolutely forbidden the use of any motor boat (motorboats, jet skis and others).



Entry into the establishment is allowed only to subscribers or daily users who have paid the ticket entry services.

The staff of the Company is entitled to carry out verifications and people without ticket may be invited to leave the establishment on the spot.

The management of the beach is not responsible for any theft, under the sun umbrella place and throughout the perimeter of the beach.

Entry into the establishment is allowed only to subscribers or daily users who have paid the ticket entry services.

The staff of the Company is entitled to carry out verifications and persons without title may be invited to leave the establishment without delay.

The sea rescue service is provided from 08:30 am to 12:30 pm and from 01:30 pm to 05:00 pm.

In case of bad weather or prohibitive weather, the red flag  is exposed and it is not recommended to enter the water of the sea.

The user is warned that in such circumstances there is neither provided nor guaranteed protection at sea.

The sun umbrella area can be occupied up to a maximum of 3 people.

Reservations of umbrellas are nominative, therefore the use is not allowed to third parties.

It is forbidden to move sun beds or deck chairs from one umbrella to another.

The beds are available until exhaustion.

The area is constantly monitored by remote surveillance. The purchase of the subscription or ticket services implies full approval and acceptance.

Users are required to wear swimsuits so as not to offend the common sense of modesty.

It is absolutely forbidden to sunbathe or walk naked and half naked due to the video surveillance and the consequent limitations to privacy.


Giardini del Fuenti
S.S. 163 Amalfitana km 47+300
Vietri sul Mare – 84019 Salerno

T +39 089 21 06 53
M +39 351 1575445

Distanza di guida da
NAP a Giardini del Fuenti – 40 minuti