The taste for excellence

A strip of marine nature lapped by coastal waters, ready to receive its guests for a sun and sea bath. Accessible directly through the stairs and the elevators from the central part of Giardini del Fuenti, Riva del Fuenti is also a safe dock for who comes from the sea thanks to its equipped pier and to the offered support services.

Here, the unique experience offered by Giardini del Fuenti is complete, on the shore of the private beach, where the clients from the land and the sea find a gourmet restaurant and a dedicated hospitality with on board food services, boat excursions and many other nautical activities.


Giardini del Fuenti
S.S. 163 Amalfitana km 47+300
Vietri sul Mare – 84019 Salerno

T +39 089 21 06 53
M +39 351 1575445