Taste for excellence

A tongue of marine nature lapped by coastal waters, ready to welcome its guests for sun and sea bathing. Accessible directly by stairs and elevators from the main body of the Giardini del Fuenti, Riva del Fuenti is also a safe haven for those coming from the sea thanks to its equipped pier and support services.

A reliable landmark for Italian cuisine and for the Coast.

Giovanni Angelucci

Completing the offerings is a seafront restaurant whose view encompasses the entire Gulf of Salerno. A refined and informal setting with cuisine that brings the sea to the plate through local, seasonal and fresh ingredients.

Riva Restaurant is a restaurant that looks to tradition dressed in elegance to give our customers a sensational dining experience.


Restaurant dates and times

Every day from 12.30pm to 4pm


T +39 089 21 06 53
M +39 351 15 75 445