A dreamy scenery for the most beautiful day of your life

Terrazza delle Rose

Your ceremony becomes infinite magic.


Overlooking an exceptional stunning sea landscape, with a breath-taking glimpse of the Coast, Terrazza delle Rose is a space equipped to stage the celebration of civil, symbolic and religious ceremonies (Protestant, Jewish, non-Catholic). The location is also indicated for the wedding vows renewal.

  • Number of Guests for the civil ceremony: Max. 250


Your party is livened up in a place of charm.


Limoneto represents one of the gems of Giardini del Fuenti, with its precious autochthon lemon trees which perfume and enliven one of the most magical spots of the Coast, to take refuge in also for an unforgettable and intimate dinner en plein air.

  • Number of Guests Cocktail: Max. 350
  • Number of Guests Reception: Max. 200
  • Number of Guests Dessert: Max. 200
  • Number of Guests After Party: Max. 200


Where your special day becomes a dazzling moment.


Giardino is the heart of this place, a junction of the different locations of Giardini del Fuenti. Equipped with modular infrastructures able to seat up to 350 people indoor, Giardino includes a 9-steps arena that can seat up to 400 people and a swimming pool that can be covered to get more space for the events.

  • Number of Guests Cocktail: Max. 350
  • Number of Guests Reception: Max. 350
  • Number of Guests Dessert: Max. 350
  • Number of Guests After Party: Max. 350

Volta del Fuenti,
food & beverage

Your happiness takes on the unforgettable taste of delightful things


A chef from Campania – Michele De Blasio – for a restaurant – Volta del Fuenti – where Mediterranean cuisine flourishes, enchanted by the treasures of local products. Volta extends around an impressive sculpture of mushroomshaped architraves, on a marble chip flooring of yesteryear.

The result is a place with an extraordinary atmosphere, where cuisine and design are at the exclusive service of well-being. The natural balance offered by Volta actually sprouts from the harmony between a non-ordinary location and the contact with the coast landscape, within a friendly and quiet setting.

  • Numero di ospiti Cocktail: Max. 150
  • Numero di ospiti Ricevimento: Max. 120
  • Numero di ospiti Dessert: Max. 120

Riva del Fuenti,
the after party

Your party is enlivened by an unforgettable dream by the sea.


Riva del Fuenti, an all-Italian beach club, is located on the shore underlying Giardini del Fuenti. It is equipped with various bathing and docking services as well as on-board food service and cocktail parties on the beach.

  • Number of Guests Cocktail: Max. 150
  • Number of Guests Reception: Max. 50
  • Number of Guests Dessert: Max. 50
  • Number of Guests After Party: Max. 150



In addition to the afore-mentioned items, the Price of your wedding menu is inclusive of:

  • Printing of the menu;
  • Setting up with Chiavari chairs, white table-linen, silver cutlery, crystal glasses and porcelain. Different fittings available upon request and with an extra-charge;
  • Menu for special diet requirements upon request;
  • Children Menu 50% off the adults’ price.
Music Entertainment
  • Ceremony: non-amplified music;
  • Aperitif: non-amplified music;
  • Dinner: a music background is allowed during the dinner, live bands/DJ’s.

The exact number of guests shall be confirmed 15 days before the event.